Our Brand Values

Printing, design and quality presentation runs in our blood.

Why choose Manton House? What distinguishes one printer apart from another?

Of course you expect attention to detail and a quality service…

…you expect reliability and a careful eye on your deadlines.

What sets Manton House apart from the rest is a range of services that have one eye on traditional practices with the other firmly in the future, alongside a strong attention to customer service that comes from putting our family name behind all we do.

At Manton House you can expect:

  • Reliability: We’ve never missed a deadline.
  • Satisfaction: Our oldest customer has been with us for nearly 30 years.

Three generations ago, Fran’s father started Manton House following his dream of creating beautifully printed materials that people could share. While things have changed considerably since those days of letterpress and individual typesetting, our love of creation has not.

We started our business with 2 people and simple presses. At that time, we were at the fore-front of the technology, developing collateral for the local community. Thirty years later, we are still at the fore-front of printing and digital technology. We have the latest in finishing, and print everything from wallpaper, car wrapping to business cards and exhibition stands. All with the same attention to detail and customer service that made our founder successful.

Today we employ 17 people who are just as much a part of our family. At Manton House we employ only the most skilled printers who feel as we do that every job is unique and important. Keeping our family values very much alive.