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It’s the 21st century. So how do companies go about getting their message out to prospective customers these days? Email. It must be email – everybody uses email these days don’t they? OK so we’ll run with that. Now check your emails – in this security conscious age, do you have privacy settings on there? Most people do, which means only emails from addresses in your address book filter through to your inbox – everything else goes into that annoying folder called Spam/Junk.

Now when was the last time you really checked through that, email by email? If you’re anything like us, it was probably weeks ago and contains 978 emails full of click-bait, phishing scams and companies trying to tell you that you’ve won an internet lottery. So how will your email be seen in all this? In fact, will it ever be seen?

Recent studies show that the efficiency of an email campaign, whilst still at acceptable levels, are just not as cost-effective as a good ‘old-fashioned’ leaflet or letter through your door. Customers will have a physical piece of collateral in their hands, something to create a first impression, and will be one of a much smaller selection as opposed to being 1 of 978 emails vying for attention.

Contact us now to discuss how a direct mail campaign could work for you – we can help you with leaflet design, branding, finishing options etc as well as targeting your market. We will take care of every stage of the process from initial design through to delivery to your prospective customers’ doors.

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